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Our branding efforts, which started in 2011 with a small initiative, have led us to with food processing machines, technical service and after sales services in 2018.


In the first quarter of 2019, we started producing permanent solutions for meat production facilities and fast food restaurants with our industrial doner kebab robots, fast food doner kebab robots, 7/24 technical service and support services.

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Fast Food Doner Kebab Robot 100 KG

Fast food Doner Kebab robot hygienically, provide 24-hour uninterrupted, precise and continuous cutting.

Fast Food Doner Kebab Robot

100 KG

Technical Details

• Maximum Doner Kebab Weight: 100 kg
• Number of Radians: 5 LPG/LNG
• Doner Kebab Diameter: 42 cm
• Doner Kebab Height: 65 cm
• Sizes: (GxDxY) 84.5x110x129 cm

Product Features

• Hygienic cutting without hand contact.
• 24 hour uninterrupted, precise and continuous cutting.
• 24/7 control.
• Adjustable rotation speed during cutting.
• Detachable blade.
• Wide cutting.
• Emergency stop button.
• Wide movement range of the doner kebab kiln.
• Easy cleaning.
• Possibility to maintain the temperature of the meat.
• Long lasting material quality.
• 100% safety and low energy consumption.
Fast Food Döner Robotu 100 KG
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