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Our branding efforts, which started in 2011 with a small initiative, have led us to with food processing machines, technical service and after sales services in 2018.


In the first quarter of 2019, we started producing permanent solutions for meat production facilities and fast food restaurants with our industrial doner kebab robots, fast food doner kebab robots, 7/24 technical service and support services.

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Doner Kebab Stoves

Check out stainless steel, durable, hygienic, safe and long-life doner kebab stoves now.
Doner Kebab Stove, Gas Doner Kebab Stove

Gas Doner Kebab Stove

4 Burner Gas Doner Kebabs
Bottom-Engine Glass Doner Kebab Stove

Glass Doner Kebab Stove

Bottom-Engine Glass Doner Kebab Stove
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